Poker Variations

Poker is a game that began in earnest on the river boats of Mississippi as the card game of choice of the early American Pioneers. It would have originally been played with a 20 card deck and would have been nearly unrecognisable from the game we know today. What really distinguishes modern Poker is the 52 card deck and common use of Community Cards. Its online accessibility on sites like has also boosted its stock amongst a new generation.

Omaha, Stud Poker, Texas Hold ‘em, Straight Poker and Draw Poker are amongst the many modern variations – but it would appear that Texas Hold ‘em is the one which really stands out. Most online poker sites put Texas Hold ‘em as their main feature, although they still market classics like 5 Card Draw.

5 Card Draw conjures images of the Wild West; smoky saloons and the outlaw pioneer spirit of a land that was lawless and full of people finding ways to win money off their rivals. Texas Hold ‘em has a similar style and poise, but it grew up more in the Casinos of Las Vegas; an appealing mixture of the Wild West combined with Casino razzmatazz, tension and excitement. Texas Hold em’s main draw is the use of Community Cards. The Community Cards make the game a real contest spectacle, rather than just a gambling device.

What all of Poker’s variations have in common is the fact that the player still needs to gather the highest ranking hand, which is generally the same in most Poker games. A Royal Flush, a Straight Flush, Four of a Kind, a Full House and a Pair are all prized hands in the right scenario.

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