Some Celebrity Professional Poker Players

Today poker has become so much popular that the people who play poker are just like celebrities. People consider them professionals and many amateurs look at them as the authority to learn how to play this game. People watch them trying to find out the hidden secrets in their quests towards the glory of the game. Here are some of the greatest players of the game and some highlights of what they had done through out their careers.

Among actors there are some great players like Ben Affleck and James Caan, but none had enjoyed status like Jennifer Tilly. She is a former movie star. She started to concentrate fully and moved her direction completely towards the game of poker in the year of 2003. She had to face many difficulties to make her distinguished from moist of the players in the world of poker. On June 27, 2005, Tilly won a World Series of Poker bracelet (and $158,625) in the Ladies’ No-Limit Texas Hold ‘Em event, outlasting 600 other players. She followed up this accomplishment on September 1, 2005, by also winning the third World Poker Tour Ladies Invitational Tournament held at the Bicycle Casino in Los Angeles.

Doyle Brunson is an American professional poker player who has played professionally for over 50 years. Among the people who had won millions of dollars in poker tournaments in their career Brunson is the first one who achieved this milestone. He also has the glory of winning the main event of the Poker World Series in 2 consecutive years. Doyle has also the advantage of being amongst those professional players that used their skills to a great effect and he transferred his knowledge to the public by his great Super System book.

If you talk about the man playing the most in games or competitions, then the name of Chris Moneymaker will be at the top place. In the 2003 World Series of Poker, he became the champion. This fact had serious effects on others as almost every professional was beaten very comfortably by this amateur. It will be hard for you to believe that Moneymaker is not an alias.

The players we have talked about in this article are professionals poker players, making a living playing poker. Along with this, they also offer their skills to general public, helping people to learn the game through many instructional videos, books and articles written for various magazines and poker sites.

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