Video Poker Play for the Novice Gamers

Following the popularity of roulette, craps, slots and blackjack, the Video Poker is number 5 in the popularity chart of gambling. Video Poker is liked by the gamers as it is quite simple and also allows playing with low stakes, sometimes as low as 1 cent. Many games like blackjack and craps are very discouraging, but it does not happen with video poker. The reason why the video poker is liked by all is that there are lots of wagering options and there are no strict etiquettes as such.

As I mentioned earlier the video poker games are simpler, but still there is a need to have a better understanding of the game before you begin the same. Out of many of the casino games, the video poker game has a very low house advantage. But the fact is that if it is properly played with strategy, one can have the highest edge on the casino. That is the main reason why you need to understand the game and play with video poker tips and techniques. If you stick to a perfect strategy, you will surely win big in the casino.

Here Are Some Of The Simple Strategies For Winning The Video Poker:

1. Always go for the full pay games. There are lots of brick and mortar casinos who prefer bringing the winning odds in their personal favor through payout decrement for some kind of hands. In case, you play the game of Jacks or better, the payout should be 9 times your wagering amount for the full house. If you wager for a flush, the same should be 6 times your bet. Nevertheless, there are many cheat casinos that offer 8 times for full house and 5 times for flush. They do this to earn more profits. You need to be aware of this fact to find out the best paying casino, otherwise you get less than you deserve. Obviously, the payout reduction will substantially do lot of damage to your overall payouts.

2. Per hand you must opt for 5 chips. Remember that you must always wager on 5 chips per hand. Every gamer has a choice to wager from one to five chips per hand. The reason why you need to wager on five chips is that it will offer you huge amount of bonus if you are lucky enough to make the royal flush. If you have one to four chips, they all are going o be statistically same and you won’t be able to make a fortune. There is a dramatic difference if you decide to wager with 5 chips as your percentage o payouts will increase significantly. Also, if you wager from 1 to 4 chips and after that if you win a royal flush with that, you will be extremely disappointed and will regret your decision of not wagering with five chips. Now you know why I am advising you to play with 5 chips.

3. Do not forget to utilize your player’s card. If you have a player’s card, you do not have to preserve the same. Don’t be hesitant in using the card. Gamers, who play with perfect strategy, can frequently get down the house advantage below ½ percent and in that case if you use a gamers’ card you can compensate the ½ percent by getting free accommodation in hotel rooms and free meals. Also, if you don’t feel the need to use the gamers’ card, you are likely to leave a big amount of money on a video poker table. And if you are loyal to a particular casino, then what’s the harm in using the casino player card to avail the benefits of the same. If they have made so much money through you and offer you some gifts, you surely deserve to have the benefits.

4. Also do research on all casinos in your vicinity so as to discover the best pay tables. As I mentioned earlier, you must never play with law payout tables. More so, when you have lots of options of other casinos available nearby, why not opt for them. If you are having problems hunting a full payout game, then you can even find the brick and mortar casinos that are not at prime locations. As the casinos have compromised in their location, they will offer good benefits to the gamers and often offer good winning odds for attracting new customers.

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