Today, there are plenty of online poker games to indulge in, whether you are playing it for leisure or approaching it like a seasoned player out to win. The first form of online poker games derives from the traditional no-limits Hold’em cash games and if you search the net today, there are many variations of that. But what are the most common online poker games?

There are many variations of online poker games but one can say the most common and undisputedly popular online poker game is the Texas Hold’em poker game. This game plays with 2 hidden “hole cards” and 5 exposed community cards. At the showdown, the best winning hand from these cards triumphs. There is also the Heads-up poker which lets you pit against a single opponent and is the classical head-to-head clash. Another online poker game that is gaining fast popularity is Omaha which features 4 “hole” cards and 5 community cards. It is very similar to Texas Hold’em except that you choose two best “hole” cards from your hand to match with the community cards. Stud poker is another online poker game you can find which uses 7 cards to compete. The opposite of Stud poker is Razz, which uses the lowest possible hand to determine the winner.

To further understand all these online poker games, you will also need to understand the difference between cash games and tournaments. In cash games, poker players can buy in any amount of money and play with that amount on the table. If they lose their money, they can perform a rebuy. However in a tournament, players buy in by paying an entry fee and are then given a fixed amount of chips. All players in the tournament start with the same amount. When a player loses all his chips, he is out of the game. Those who have high placing in a tournament will then receive cash prizes.

Online poker games can be short-handed, meaning that some poker rooms will feature a four-handed table. It can also feature tables that allow 5 or 6 players to increase the action in a game. Short-handed tables are both seen in tournaments as well as cash games. Similarly, pot-limit games are also seen in both cash games and tournaments. This refers to the poker games being slapped with limits to cap the betting which helps the players to retain the chips longer because it will be impossible to lose all their money in just one or two hands.

There are also online poker games that are featured in short tournament styles in which the game will commence once there are enough players registered for such Sit & Go tournaments. Another common scene you find in online poker rooms will be the Multi-table tournament. Such tournaments will feature higher prize money because of the large amount of competitors it can take at one time. There is also a wacky kind of tournaments known as the Bounty tournaments where bonuses are given if you bust a certain poker player. These players are usually the well-known professional poker stars.

We can also find Turbo tournaments where speed is the essence. The blinds increase rapidly during the tournament and players have to act first instead of sitting back and folding all the time to preserve their stack. You can also find online poker games that are styled in the form of shootout tournaments where winners of different tables can progress to the next round to compete with better players. With so many different types of exciting online poker games, a poker enthusiast is certainly spoiled for choice!